The Internet is everywhere. With wireless internet being available in many public places and the great amount of business being conducted via the web, having your company’s own web presence is more valuable than ever. You need to have the right tools to develop an effective website, and with our web designers on the job you can be sure we’ll take care of everything you require and desire out of a web domain. We know what it takes to build a good site. It must have a quick load time, allow the user to easily navigate to the content they’re looking for and have a sleek design that brings the user back time and time again. With an even balance of style and substance, you’re company’s website should thrive in the vast marketplace of the ever-expanding Internet. From the graphical interface and back-end coding, right up to the hosting and search engine optimization, we’ll do it all for you and then assist you with a plan that will ensure exposure of your web site on the most utilized search engines for maximum clicks on the site.
Once the site is designed and launched we work with you to market the site through the popular search engines and social media outlets. Facebook, Twitter, Pintrist and Foursome are just a few of the many outlets to get the word out about your product or service. All are connected via the smart phones so we are certain to include QR (quick response) codes on all of your printed or web based material.

At Silecchia, Inc, we advocate a media mix so that the end user sees and hears your message with continuity and recall. We carefully select the correct programming on radio, TV and Cable as well as Outdoor and print. Our target marketing is carefully honed in to ensure that we always go after the most likely candidate to use your product or service.