Everybody has one in their car, at work, lying around their home. And it's a good bet you listen to it at least once during the day. Radio is an excellent medium to get your message heard as many of our clients will attest. We believe in radio and find its utilization very important when we devise advertising plans for our clients. We employ "theatre of the mind" techniques in our radio production to bring the audience into the commercial. For us, creation of a listening experience is paramount. Once you hear what we're capable of doing with sound, you'll wonder why you considered any other route? Over the years we've won numerous awards for our radio creativity and production abilities and we hope to continue our long string of successes with your company. We’ve produced many successful radio campaigns utilizing jingles. Even our past clients continue to use our produced jingles. A great example of this is the jingle we created for Father & Son Construction back in 1979 before the agency was formed. Agency president, Jerry Silecchia produced that jingle for the Harry Goldberg Agency. Father & Son continues to use the jingle today in a revised version.


Listen to some of our radio ads and jingles below.

1. Jeffrey Automotive - "Take It Off"

2. Heidebright Chevrolet

2. Bill Wink Chevrolet - "Think Wink"

2. "Dial A Decorator"

2. WWCS - "Did You Know"

2. WWCS - "Dear Mr. President"